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Sunscreen and anti-pollution

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50ml container with ergonomic applicator.

Sunscreen and anti-pollution for daily use. Active prevention of aging. Ideal base for makeup application.

Fluid cream that represents the maximum expression of a new generation of environmental protectors for daily use.

The study of the specific natural defense mechanisms of the skin has enabled GEN IDENTITY to develop and include state-of-the-art multifunctional peptides that help prevent and reverse the damaging effects of the sun and radiation and urban environmental pollution, preserving youth. , the luminosity and natural beauty of the skin. Waterproof. Mattifying.

  • All skin types.
  • Dermatologically tested.




        • Very high sun protection SPF 50+ PA ++++
        • Radical protection.
        • Anti-aging prevention.
        • Prevention of cell DNA damage.
        • Prevention of stains.
        • Pro-tolerance to the sun.


        How to use:

        Shake vigorously before use and apply generously to dry skin in the morning and at noon. Reapply every 2 hours if necessary (intense sweating, friction, etc.).
        *Apply after the usual day treatments and before makeup.


        • Neoclair Pro™


        What is our brand concept??

        • Gen Identity is a Barcelona-based clean beauty company founded in 2021 that focuses on skin and hair restoration through the use of safe formulas based on plant-cultivated growth factors extracted with advanced technological methods.
        • Gen Identity integrates nature and science to create effective products, as proven by clinical studies. It is not only important how the products are designed but also how they are manufactured, for this it is necessary to guarantee and ensure that the entire process is completely free of animal cruelty and sustainable.
        • The products Gen Identity They are boosted with clinically proven phytoactives that nourish hair follicles, support prolonged hair growth cycles, and promote visibly thicker, fuller, and longer hair.
        • Gen Identity works not only to fill a gap in the market by combining natural ingredients that create powerful products, but they strive to be transparent, fair, honest, kind and above all, loyal to their social mission that connects beauty to life. community