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First signs of aging fluid cream

A fluid cream special for the first signs of aging.
Daily fatigue and aging prevention effects.

Ultra-concentrated youth activating cream. With a fluid texture, its exclusive multiactive formula prevents and corrects the signs of aging, stress and fatigue that accumulate in our daily life.

The specific ultra-concentrated combination of new generation “botox-like” peptides and antiaging natural growth factors favors restructuring of the skin architecture, helping to redensify and reduce wrinkles and expression lines while incrementing the elasticity, firmness and hydration of the skin. The result is strengthened and toned skin, protected and beautiful like the first day.

  • All types of skin.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Dermatologically tested.

60,38 Tax Included

Airless 50 ml

  • Prevents and corrects the signs of aging.
  • Redensifies the skin.
  • Increases hydration and firmness of the skin.

Apply to the face, neck and neckline with a gentle massage using the fingertips; perform smoothing movements from the center outwards, until fully absorbed. Avoid the contour of the eyes. Then continue with your regular beauty ritual.

  • Munapsys™
  • Scelleye™
  • Pureoxin™

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